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Regulus is at the bottom right of constellation and is some ninety years from earth. It is five times as large as the sun. Whereas Algieba is the second brightest star in the constellation, and when looked at through a telescope it is actually two golden like stars. Generous and warmhearted. Creative and enthusiastic Broad-minded and expansive Faithful and loving. Leo is a generous soul, the kind of person that would give you the shirt off of their back.

Always has a smile, this warmhearted individual will be the first to boast your spirits when you are feeling down. Very charming with a flamboyant personality which tends to draw in those around them. They tend to be diligent and hardworking.

Their desire to play hard as will as great emphasis placed on the pleasures of life qualifies them as excellent companions. Some negatives: Being flamboyant and exuberant, Leos may tend to withdraw when their position of power is challenged. They can be highly opinionated therefore appear overly pompous. The approach art and music with a raw unbridled enthusiasm that is unmatched by their peers. You will find many famous Leo people out there, simply because of their level of creativity. The Leo personality is one of charm with an endearing spirit which is flamboyant and generous in nature.

The sun sign Leo demonstrates the gratification of what sacrifice and hard work brings. Probably the most dominant trait is that of immense pride which has a tendency on occasion to be construed as being snobbish or pompous.

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Leos many times feel they are the appointed leaders and as a result are very opinionated and appear overbearing. Broad minded, Leo will be willing to experiment and try new things. This can be a tad bit dangerous for them as they tend to take risks sometimes. A Leo person will be open to all kinds of suggestions and gets bored rather easily. Always true to their love, you will seldom find a Leo cheating on their mate. Leo loves strongly, and will defend the honor of those that they love. Being energetic and positive, Leos tend to enhance the lives of those around them to the point of ignoring their own health needs.

Many Leos go into their mid life with what appears to be endless energy, they at some point will have to come to grips with the fact that they too are not immortal. Their desire for rich foods and fine wines that seem irresistible can lead to their ultimate demise. Leo has power over the back and heart and these two areas are extremely vulnerable to excessive behaviors. Obviously a good diet in moderation and a followed exercise program are true remedies for a growing waistline which Leos may tend to ignore.

Leos, being high energy, need to allow for a recharging of the batteries. An unhappy Leo may become depressed and as a result overeat causing that dreaded stomach bulge as well as back pain. Take time to exercise and follow a nutritional diet plan. Although Leos may appear to be tremendously self assured, bubbling with confidence and enjoying being the one who stands out in the crowd, inside they may very well be somewhat sensitive but will almost never admit to it.

When those surrounding a Leo are ardent supporters, Leos can prove to be great leaders. Leos tend to truly revel in romantic relationships and love affairs. They tend to be extremely passionate and look for ways to show more affection and ways of spoiling the objects of their affection. Leo represents the fifth Zodiac sign.

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This was the first of his twelve tests. Hercules trapped the lion in his lair and with his bare hands choked it to death even though losing a finger in the struggle. After killing the lion Hercules skinned him and clothed himself in the hide.

Leo Sign Traits Overview

But the pouty days are few and far between because you love to be where the action is and with the people that are creating it. As a result, a Leo works hard to pay for their luxurious tastes so that they can be generous with all of those you include in your circle, which is probably a large one. The Leo has many friends, and all of them are dear ones at that. As the Fixed Fire sign, yours is a sparkling personality that embodies the Lion, the King of the Jungle.

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Leos are typically wonderful entertainers; no expense or effort is spared in making sure others have a good time. Leos often attract the attention of others wanted or otherwise. The reason some of this attention may be unwanted is that Leos are rarely available; they take early and well to solid and committed relationships.

Leo traits and personality explained

You need to matter to someone; you need them to lean on you. Just remember to accept help as often as you give it. Of course, the good does come with some challenges that balance your personality and give you things to work on during this lifetime. Specifically, Leos:.

A Summary of the Leo Zodiac Sign

They need attention to feel important to you. Leos crave validation at all levels which they work hard to be in the spotlight.

Leo Zodiac Sign / Simha Rashi - Hindi

To overcome conflict let the Leo know they are understood and acknowledged. A Leo in love is a best friend for life that always sees the good in everything. Leos in love can be complicated because as a Fixed sign, you will stick anything out to the bitter end. You are fixed to success in love and life, and your relationships are a true example of that.

Leo Horoscope: Leo Zodiac Sign Dates Compatibility, Traits and Characteristics

You can be a tad on the jealous and obsessive side at times, but your intentions are always in the right place. Read the Leo Love Horoscope to understand what attracts the Leo to a potential relationship. You are a lover of life and of love, and your generosity with your partners knows no bounds. Be sure to give as good as you want to get, and your love life will always be full of sparks.

The Zodiac Sign Leo Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses

If you love a Leo, flattery will always get you everywhere. To understand how Leos approach love and sex, read the Leo Sex Horoscope. With practice, you can learn to accentuate your positive traits, so that what is perceived to be undesirable can be used to your advantage. Fire and Air signs are the best matches for a Leo. Leo likes things their way and can get on with other Fixed Signs, and will have a lover for life if they find one.

But the other party in this love compatibility match is going to need to be okay with making concessions for Leo all the time. A Leo also loves adventure and it is looking for the next best place or thing to do. To get the attention of a Leo, be ready to have fun but also be willing to make compromises. You have that Fire sign streak of passion and creativity in your career goals, and you do better in jobs and professions where every day is different. Travel-related jobs, either in one location serving tourists or clients from all over the world or in different locations all the time, are favored by you.

When you serve others and meet their needs like the King or Queen of the Jungle that you are, you feel like you have met your own high standards and expectations. You end your days on a good note when you have played the starring role in making the world a better place, all on your own.